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Why Washer Makes Weird Noises?


Every washer makes noise when it runs. You will hear the sound of water filling up. The spin cycle would have its distinct sound. You may also hear the somewhat subtle sound of water draining out. Modern washers are not loud, as the encasement absorbs much of the noises generated inside. Yet, you will hear some noise, and also observe little resonance. In case your washer makes strange sounds, you should inspect the appliance and identify the cause. If you are unable to detect the cause, call Max Washer Repair Miami for a comprehensive inspection and same-day service in Miami.

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Strange Noises in Washer

It is quite possible for small personal items to find their way into the washer. Keys and coins inside the washer would make strange loud noise. Buttons of shirts and wires of bras may cause strange sounds. Any hard material that would bump against the internal components of the washer would produce weird sound. There can also be increased friction due to the spinning of these hard materials, and thus you will hear quaint noises.

The other most common explanations why washer makes strange sounds are clogged drain hose, obstructed water inlet valve, failing circulation of water or the spin cycle, and malfunctioning motor. A worn out motor would make loud noise. If it is unable to bear the load, then too you would have weird noises. Avoid overloading the washer to see if the loud noise subsides. Inefficient or ineffective water circulation could be due to the drum. The pump and its components may also have some defects. Drain hose can get clogged with debris. Water inlet valve may be jammed. Addressing these would resolve the problem.

appliance repair expertWashers should be cleaned and maintained in a timely manner. Debris buildup can cause strange noise. Dust, dirt, and grime, along with soapy water, can lead to a buildup. If you use water softener and fabric softener or any special agent, then these would further add to the debris buildup. A washer that doesn’t drain properly and entirely would also make strange sounds. Preventive maintenance can actually avoid such untoward developments. Our technicians can address any problem your appliance may have and carry out onsite washer repair, anywhere in Miami.


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