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Why Water Leaking Under The Fridge?


Contemporary refrigerators are not supposed to leak water. Older models had and have this problem, mostly because of the manual defrosting process. New fridges come with an automatic defrost function. However, this feature can malfunction. There are other probable reasons why you may find water leaking under the fridge. Try these inspections and remedies, and then call our same-day Fridge Repair technicians in Miami.


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Check the Defrost Drain

Every fridge has a defrost drain. This could get clogged. The defrost drain may also get frozen due to malfunctioning sensors and other components in the appliance. If there is a blockage or clogging in the defrost drain, then your fridge will leak water. You must remove the blockage, unclog the drain and clean it to solve the problem. If you are unable to unclog the drain, our technicians can visit your home and get the job done onsite.

To unclog and clean the defrost drain, you would need warm water, a baster, or funnel, you could use some other hard poking material, and then some organic cleaning agent for convenience. The blockage could be due to ice formation, as facilitated by a faulty sensor and thermostat. The clog could be due to food debris, and other residual materials.


Check the Water Supply

The water supply line may be the direct cause of leakage. If the line is damaged, broken, or kinked, and water leaks out, then it may seem that the fridge is leaking. In most of such cases, the water supply line has to be replaced. The exception is if the water line is frozen. The water supply line could also be clogged. Unclogging the line and allowing the frozen pipe or hose to unfreeze are useful remedies, but these would not work if there is any physical damage.

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There may other indirect or facilitating issues in the fridge. The seals may be worn out, the fittings at ends of hoses or lines could be broken or loose, the ice maker may be broken, the sensors may be faulty, and the thermostat may be defective. Our technicians can carry out comprehensive fridge repair on the same-day, anywhere in Miami.

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