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What To Do When Ice Maker Stops Making Ice?


It is necessary to understand the obvious signs that your ice maker is broken. It may fail to produce any ice. It may produce but not dispense ice. It may generate ice cubes of irregular and unusual sizes. There could be obvious blockage in the dispensing mechanism. One or several of these symptoms could imply that your ice maker is broken. However, whether or not it can be readily fixed requires a comprehensive inspection. Call Max Fridge Repair for same-day inspection and service, anywhere in Miami.

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Inspect the Ice Maker

The first step is to inspect the ice maker, thoroughly. Check the control switch. If it is turned off, then restoring it to active position would solve the problem. If the switch is on, check the metal arm. The metal arm controls the dispensing mechanism. This metal control arm should be in a downward position, in most ice makers. These are the easier inspections to begin with.


Assess Potential Causes

Failure of certain components inside the ice maker can only be diagnosed by an experienced technician. For instance, if your ice maker is broken, the problem could be in the motor, gearbox, electrical connection, mechanical flaws, or a combination of these. Simpler problems such as misalignment can be readily attended to. If a gearbox malfunctions, the motor is unresponsive, the electrical wiring needs to be changed, or the smaller mechanical parts have to be replaced, then our technicians can do so rather swiftly.

Check the Supply Line

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Another common reason for ice makers to breakdown is the supply line. The ice maker may be absolutely fine. If the water supply line is clogged or there is a pressure related issue, then the ice maker would not function, certainly not as it is intended to. Water supply could be disrupted. The pressure may dip beyond a point where water is no longer flowing into the appliance. There is a valve that regulates the water inlet. This valve may also malfunction, be broken or worn out. Call us for immediate ice maker repair and we can replace damaged or broken parts onsite.

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