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How To Prevent Freezing Food in the Refrigerator?


The first thing you should do when your fridge is freezing food is check the temperature. You may have a control panel that enables you to decide a specific temperature. You may have a fridge that allows you to regulate a range of temperature. Irrespective of the specificity of the control, you must reduce the temperature to stop your fridge from freezing food. This is not the only problem your fridge may have. Call Max Fridge Repair for a thorough inspection and same-day service throughout Miami.

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Check the Temperature

A fridge is supposed to maintain a temperature of around forty degrees, a few notches lower or higher. Setting a much lower temperature, close to freezing point, will lead to frozen foods and drinks in the fridge. It is also possible that only a few foods or drinks would get frozen. This indicates inconsistent cooling. Some shelves may get colder than others. Airflow or circulation of the cold air is the most likely cause for this.


Check the Vent

It is possible for the freezer vent to pass on more cold air than expected. The chilled air can quickly freeze foods and drinks that are closer to the vent. Try rearranging the foods and drinks. You can also regulate the opening of the vent, if the model has such a feature.


Check the Load

If your fridge is overloaded, then it may be compelled to reduce the temperature below what is necessary. Likewise, if your fridge does not have too many items, then too you may have the freezing problem. Always maintain an optimum load in your fridge. It is also better to evenly distribute the load across the shelves throughout the fridge.


Sensor is Broken

appliance repair expertThis is a very common problem. The sensor is tasked with regulating the temperature. Whenever the sensor records a temperature that has to be attained, it should trigger the thermostat and the fridge should stop cooling further. The thermostat should start working again when the fridge gets a little warmer. If the sensor is broken, then the thermostat would not get activated and deactivated as and when necessary. Our technicians can replace the sensor and carry out all other types of fridge repair onsite.

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